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How To Get A Lawn Ready For An Event

You will need:
  • Lawn soil analysis
  • Fertiliser & slow release fertiliser
  • Selective herbicide (e.g Interfix)
  • Applicator (spreader/knapsack/boom sprayer)
  • Correct PPE (overalls, boots, gloves & face shield)
  • Scarifer, Grass Seed & Lawn Paint

How Do I Get My Lawn Ready For A Wedding or Party?

The preparation of a lawn for a wedding needs to be started well before the event itself and is often overlooked until the month before! To fully prepare a lawn, ideally you need a year to 18 months in order to get an established lawn into a truly green carpet worthy of a wedding.

Where do I start?

You would ideally start the process by undertaking an analysis of the soil that you have as this will tell you if the lawn is deficient in any of the basic nutrients that the grass needs to grow. A further step would be to check for trace elements and micro nutrient deficiencies. The report from Agrigem will come back with the recommendation from a FACTS qualified advisor and then you are then ready to start treating the lawn in order to get the best from it. 

You would ideally start your program in the Spring and the first thing would be to

  • Feed the lawn with the fertiliser recommend from the soil analysis. We always recommend following the manufacturers instructions and following the process recommended by one of our qualified advisors
  • After a few weeks you can apply a weed killer to control things such as daisy’s, dandelion’s, clover and other common garden weeds. A Selective Herbicide will target the specific weeds, leaving the grass unharmed
  • As you move towards the Summer, we recommend applying a slow release fertiliser that reduces the risk of any scorch should there be a dry period after you apply it

Through the summer you will also want to regularly irrigate your lawn and a typical lawn needs an inch or 25mm of water every week, so it is a good idea to use a rain gauge to measure what rainfall you have and if there isn’t an inch, then you can top this up with a sprinkler.

  • As you move towards Autumn, then you need to concentrate on putting the lawn to bed for the Winter and this will involve maybe scarifying lightly to remove any excessive thatch, over seeding to thicken the lawn out and applications of an iron based product in order to try and prevent the ingress of moss. There is no harm in applying iron based products throughout the winter to help keep the grass hardy and green and to also reduce any moss

If all of this fails and you end up with a brown lawn a week before Aunty June’s 60th birthday party or your daughter’s wedding, there is also the options to use a turf pigment that will instantly turn any turf green again! Green Lawnger Lawn Paint is available to buy online. 

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