Soluble Fertilisers

Soluble fertilisers are made up of powders or granules which are dissolved in water prior to spraying with a knapsack or boom sprayer. They deliver nutrients faster than granular fertilisers and offer the best value for money. A single pack can cover up to 10,000m² (one hectare).

Nutrigrows wide range of soluble fertilisers includes balanced feeds such as Triple 18 and ones that are low in Nitrogen such as Low-N. Low Nitrogen Fertiliser will reduce the rapid top growth usually associated with soluble fertilisers.

Nutrigrow also supplies a Soluble Urea, a straight Ureic Nitrogen Fertiliser which offers a instant perk up of crops and generates immediate top growth.

When applied, soluble fertilisers may be washed into the soil, or absorbed through the leaf directly into the plant for a faster response.