Granular Fertilisers

Granular fertilisers deliver crucial nutrients to plants, grass, and crops in a granular form. They are applied by hand or by using a fertiliser spreader to a wide range of areas including sports pitches, paddocks, and lawns.

The Nutrigrow range of granular fertilisers include products such as Phased Release slow-release fertiliser which has been specifically formulated to release nutrients over a 12-16-week period, making it an ideal feed for amenity areas such as sports pitches.

Nutrigrow’s Weed, Feed & Moss Killer offers a four in one solution to a greener lawn, killing weeds, removing moss and thicker & healthier lawn. This product is available in a 5kg and 20kg pack, with an application rate of 32g per m².

When using granular fertiliser, Nutrigrow recommends the use of a fertiliser spreader. This delivers an even distribution of the fertiliser across your lawn or paddock and ensures your plants or grass are receiving the correct level of nutrients.