Plants & Trees Fertiliser

Nutrigrows range of Plants & Trees Fertilisers have been specially created for use on ornamental trees, plants & flowers from olive trees to roses. They are suitable for use professionally or for your own plants at home.

For trees, hedges and perennial plants, Nutrigrow’s Phos-Mag Fertiliser will deliver the nutrients you need, whereas the Rose Fertiliser has been specifically formulated to stimulate healthy growth in Rose Flowers.

For a balanced general feed, Nutrigrow recommends Growmore Fertiliser. If you are looking for a higher level of nutrients, the Flower & Vegetable Fertiliser may be more suitable.

If you are looking to cover a wide area or looking for professional plant & tree fertilisers, Nutrigrows range of Soluble Fertiliser offers great value for money and delivers the nutrients to the crop quickly.