Spring Fertilisers

The beginning of early Spring which is typically mid – February to mid -March signals the ideal time to apply the first application of fertiliser to lawns or turf.

Spring fertilisers and feed are vital during Spring when crops, grass and plants start to grow again in the warmer weather. They provide nutrients during this growing season to produce a healthy sward of grass or plants. Having healthy plants makes them more resistant to diseases, moss, weeds, and stresses such as drought.

Early applications of Spring Lawn feed tend to be granular rather than soluble and contain a balance of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash or N.P.K.

Available in 25kg packs, the Spring Lawn Fertiliser offers great value for money, as one pack will cover up to 750m². With a six week longevity and slow release formula you will avoid rapid top growth and a lower maintenance schedule.