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How To Roll Grass

You will need:
  • Preferred fertiliser (granular/soluble/liquid)
  • Fertiliser spreader or Applicator (knapsack/boom sprayer)
  • Correct PPE (overalls, rubber boots, chemical resistant gloves & face shield)

What Does Rolling Grass Do? 

Rolling grass firms the first and second layer of the ground, helping soil compaction. Rolling would also be done to make the ground even.

The ground should only be rolled around spring and there should not be frost on the ground. The type of roller should also be taken into consideration; it should not be too heavy. 

Are There Different Types Of Roller?

There are different types of roller for different types of surfaces:

The Steel Roller

This is predominantly made of steel and helps its efficacy and is very durable, this is better to be attached to something moveable such as a tractor or quad bike.

Plastic Lawn Roller

This type of roller is the cheapest on the market and is lightweight with it been plastic it is easy to use on lawns although they are not effective or durable.

Poly Lawn Roller

This type of roller is made with a special type of plastic this gives it better durability than the plastic lawn roller, the poly rollers have to be filled with something that is like sand in order for them to be used, once it has been used it the substance in the roller needs to be emptied.

The Concrete Lawn Roller

This type of roller is made up of either concrete or stone alongside the steel roller and the heaviness of the roller is great to flatten down a surface such as a lawn or flower bed, although steel is durable the concrete lawn roller is a lot more durable. The upside of using a concrete roller is that it can be used in wet conditions and it will not rust as the steel one would.

Before Use

Before using the roller, you should make sure that there has not been a frost and the ground is not too wet. If the ground was to be rolled when the ground was too wet then it could damage it.

Also, eyewear and PPE should be worn before undertaking the task this will help minimise any accidents that could occur.


  • Check the weather and the ground. If the ground is very wet avoid rolling the lawn
  • Roll the grass at a normal walking pace- don’t go too fast
  • If rolling with a tractor or quad this should be at a normal pace as well- around 10-15 mph will be effective enough for it to have an impact 

Top Tips

  • Make sure the ground is not frosted over
  • Make sure that the ground is not too wet
  • When using the roller make sure that it is not too heavy for you to use
  • If it is your first time get someone to show you how to use the instrument
  • Make sure that it is the right season to be rolling. Never roll a lawn in the winter as this will not help the ground and it’s recovery  

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