Growmore Fertiliser


Nutrigrow Growmore is a general-purpose ornamental fertiliser. Containing a balanced amount of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, Growmore is ideal for promoting healthy growth on vegetables, trees, plants and fruit.

Sizes Available

  • 20kg


Nutrigrow Growmore is a highly effective general-purpose NPK granular fertiliser especially designed to promote strong, healthy plants, trees & vegetables. Growmore contains three major plant macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphate and potassium) to promote heavy crops of fruit and vegetables throughout the growing season and vigorous plants and beautiful flowers in the spring & summer. Each of these macronutrients have their own benefits; nitrogen aids with photosynthesis, phosphate helps plants convert other nutrients into usable building blocks with which to grow and potassium regulates CO² uptake during photosynthesis.

The application rate will depend on how many times you intend to apply the product. The general application rate would be 100g per m².

Apply either by hand or through a spreader. If you require a stronger blend for use in grass, look at 20-10-10 Fertiliser.

Key Benefits

  • Mini compound granules provide excellent spreading pattern
  • Ideal for use on vegetables, plants, trees and fruit
  • Offers balanced levels of NPK

Our Recommendation

  • Always read the product label before use
  • When applying ensure you get even coverage. We recommend a fertiliser spreader
  • Avoid applying in drought or frosty conditions
  • Improve the pH of your soil by applying Granulated Lime

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Active Ingredient

7% Nitrogen
7% Phosphate
7% Potassium

Pack Size


Pack Size Coverage

Up to 200m²

Spreading Rate

100g per m²

Application Method(s)

Spread by Hand, Spreader

Area of Use

Trees & Ornamentals

Period of Use

Spring, Summer

Safe for Use on

Around Fruit Trees, Around Trees, Vegetables

Granule Size

2-5mm (Maxi)


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