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How To Fertilise A Paddock In Spring

You will need:
  • Paddock soil analysis
  • Fertiliser, e.g Nutrigrow 20-10-10
  • Applicator (spreader)
  • Paddock grass seed

How Do I Decide What Fertiliser To Use? 

If your paddocks are low in Nitrogen then you should consider Nutrgrow’s 20-10-10 Fertiliser which is available in 25kg bags and 600kg bulk bags. Widely known as the standard treatment for paddocks and pasture for many years, this product is ideal for general maintenance or to feed grass for intensive hay production and grazing.

For a general feed we recommend 2 bags per acre (50kgs). If the area is going to be used to grow hay, or intensively grazed, then look to apply 3 bags per acre (75kgs).

If you require a more balanced amount of fertiliser then consider 16-16-16, known as Nutrigrow Triple16. This can be particularly useful if you are on ground which is slightly deficient in Phosphate or Potassium. The presence of Nitrogen is also vital to promote the top growth in the grass.

The application rate will depend on how many times you will apply the product, and also what the grass will be used for. For a general feed we recommend between 30-70kg per acre.

If you really want to make your paddocks look good, consider over-seeding with Paddock Grass Seed available on the Agrigem website or from the sales team. This will help to fill out any bare or thin patches

Remember NOT to graze until all the fertiliser prills have completely dissolved, typically 2-3 days. You must apply the fertiliser when the soil is moist or when rain is expected for improved product performance.

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